Meet Our Team
Kids In The Village boasts the finest selection of fully qualified and fully trained child care professionals who are all fully aware of each child’s individual needs

Our staff are carefully selected, and you can be assured that each staff member has a full understanding of our focussed curriculum and programs and are accustomed to working with all children whilst being fully understanding to the kids with special needs.

Each of our team members will identify your child's strenghts

Our entire team are thoroughly familiar with the Early Years Framework outcomes enabling your child to have a strong sense of security and wellbeing in the care of our professional team.

Value adding even further and to your benefit, yourself, as a parent will find our team extremely approachable and ready to help if you have any enquiries to bring to our attention.

Stephanie Schwartz- Lead Educator, Certificate 3 studying Diploma of children's services
Monique Wittman - Educator, Certificate 3 Children's Services
Chelsea Lay- Lead Educator, Studying Diploma of children's services
Jacinta Blundy - Educator, studying Certificate 3 children's services
Ingrid Grant- Teacher, Bachelor of education early childhood
Sally Burgess- Educator, Certificate 3 studying Diploma of children's services
Kelli Skelton- Centre Manager/ Educational Leader, Advance Diploma children's Services


Who We Are

We value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that each child is a unique individual and should be respected and treated as such.

Our Programs

We use input from children, educators, community and family to plan and tailor our initiatives. Our approach is to provide appropriate, educational responses to a child's ability, interests and further learning.


Each menu is planned, incorporated and evaluated in conjunction with families and educators while considering the recommendations outlined in the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Contact us

Address: 7 Holyoak Avenue, The Village, Oonoonba, Townsville Q 4811
Feedback: Directed to the Centre Director, Kelli Skelton

Kids In The Village provides a quality child care service

We have vacancies in the following:

Our Nursery - 6 weeks – 12 months
Our Junior Toddlers - 12 months – 24 months
Our Senior Toddlers – 2 – 3 years
Our Junior Kindy – 3 – 4 years
Our Kindy - 4 - 6 years

Now you can experience our nurturing and fully caring child care centre right here in Townsville. Our centre is locally owned, and our team of Townsville professionals will always work with each child’s needs, desires and aspirations whilst encouraging individuality, within the Centre’s framework and helping them to develop their own, unique behavioural style.



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